Thursday, December 05, 2013

In Search Of Rubber Duckie

A friend of mine said she spotted a big rubber duckie along the creek.. I asked Ace if he wanted to go take a look but he said he doesnt want to... he prefered to stay at home...

I tot it is the famous one tat appeared in HK... but alas, it is just an imitation.. that a cleaning company did to promote water conversation (dun ask me what is the link.. i also dun understand)...

Next day, our good friend suddenly say want to see the duck.. so we decided to go search for the duck lor....

We decided to take the train... but we boarded the wrong train.. and then we contemplated if we should visit Daddy at his office ;) whahahahaha....

Ace kept complaining that he is very hungry.. so I told him we will go and eat first lor..

First stop.. Mac D... they were giving out UAE Flags because it is UAE National Day (and Max was working!!!)

Then we had to walk to the creek.. while walking to the creek.. we passed by some Flame Of The Forests.. brought back such happy memories of my childhood.. in my primary school, there was this LARGE Flame Of The Forest tree right in the centre of the courtyard where we play and have fun...

As the weather is turning better, we saw people having picnic and jit tao taking afternoon nap on the grass patch lor!

Happiest thing is we found that our fav Red House Restaurant has reopened!

Pretending to be tourist...

Saw no rubber duckie :( But found seagulls at the fountain pond next to the Dubai Municipality Building

They are so strange. They will gather here on the pond and float around.. when we walk near, they fly off.. and then fly towards the creek but they will fly in a circle and go one round and come back again to this pond.. I wonder if they are following the wind currents.. but i dunno why they keep flying around in circles.. hahahah :)

Saw a "I LOVE DUBAI" car... look like wedding car right? ;) Sadly, these two years not so many decorated cars. Maybe cos is not key year celebration like the 40th National Day..

Be tourist again..

The two men who made UAE the success it is today :)

Nothing to do since no ducky to see.. so we sit down and camwhore..

As you can see, everywhere is celebrating Expo 2020 ;)

Take picture till Ace very xian liao :) And he wanted to take taxi home.. I told him walking is good for health.. and tat we will walk back to MRT and take metro home..

Took more pics of the birds.. and chatted as we walked to the metro station

Cos we saw a man who was singing to himself at Mac D just now and Ace asked me if he was crazy. I told him the man probably had a mental illness and probably thought he was singing with his imaginary friends. I explained to Ace the different types of mental illnesses and what they will do.

I also asked him what he will do if he was alone when he saw someone like this man singing and talking to himself. He said he will run away.

I told him he doesnt need to run away. But if he is in close proximity, he needs to be alert for mood changes...  but he can just walk by and smile and send love to the man and go on his own way...

Anyway, the duck was never sighted again.. dunno is it they scared they will be sued by the artist.. hahaha :)

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