Sunday, May 25, 2014

Creative Ace: I Love Mummy And Daddy

Ace was entertaining himself with a big piece of paper and some allen keys:) wahahahaha

He learnt this HUGS keep me alive from this photo i showed him on the internet..

But perhaps he got his artistic creative genes from mummy:)

Here is a card I made for Max that I kept hidden in his luggage when he traveled overseas:) hahaha..

But he did not find or see it till one day later... hahahaa

 Anyway, not tat I want to say my son is very creative:) He really is very creative! The other day, he took out that bottle he brought back from Turkey and said he has to protect it.. so he came up with this idea.. of putting it in a box and using balloons to protect it:)

 Yet another day, he used the pocky box and made it into a weapon...  that he can wear on his hand..

 This hole is where you keep the bullets which are just crushed pieces of paper pellets.. and then you load them from this round tube (the white part)

 After tat, you blow from the other side but lifting your hand like tat.. like a blow dart... Sometimes he really amazes me with the ideas he comes up :)

Perhaps all the MOZART music I was listening to and all the art pictures I will flash daily at him when I was preggies and when he was just born really works!

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