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Ace's First Sports Day In Horizon School

It may sound amazing but after 2.5 years in Horizon School, Ace has NEVER taken part in any of the Sports Days!

In his first year in Dubai, he was sick on the day of the Sports Day and did not go to school.

Last year, his sports day happened during the period we went back to celebrate Chinese New Year and so he did not take part.

This year, he finally gets a chance to take part and I am really excited :)

Parents were invited to watch but not allowed to interfere. We arrived early in school and the field was all set out. Apparently, last year, the sports day took a whole day and everyone.. children, teachers and parents were darn tired! So this year, their new PE teacher revamped the system. The children will be divided into groups and then there are i think 8 stations  in total... and different groups do the activities at the various station in each 10 minute time slot. Sort of like playing rounders :)

The children will be from different houses and all the points are awarded according to placement and there will only be a house champion at the end:)

The children queuing and getting ready for their sports day!

Meanwhile, Papa Chua stand there and bai pose.... I told him his pose looks like Jung Rok in the Korean Drama that we watched called Sheng Shi De Pin De.. and he was very offended because Jung Rok is very uncool in his eyes.. wahahahaha :)

The children were all dressed the same.. it was so difficult to find Ace among the sea of kids... I finally figured that I just have to search for this teacher as she is in charge of their group:)

That is Ace wearing his school hat. Max says must take picture.. cos with the hat hor, he looks extra like me.. cos I have a similar hairstyle now:) wahahahaha...

The first event of the day is a race. Everyone will get to race in the 100 meter dash.. People who are not up to race yet will stand by the side to cheer:)

Ace cheering for his friends...

And then it was time for Ace to race!

And to my surprise, Ace came in first!

Proud parents taking a photo to show our happy faces... (But Papa Max still trying to act cool.. wahahahah)
Then they had to queue up in their own designated groups to start the other events proper..

Ace's team is assigned to tug of war.... Apparently, they will do the event and the first results will be taken down. But since they had time, most of the time, they did each event a few times:)

Ace's team won the first round...

Second round, Ace chut pattern, I was thinking how are they going to win if Ace is doing this and not using his body weight at all!? But they still win.. hahahaha...

And then leh, they changed side to do it again.. this time round.. Ace was put right in front. I was thinking xiao liao.. Ace doesnt seem to be very strong.. and doesnt know to lean back.. and they put him in front.. sure gone case one.. wahahaha:) and true enough.. lost lor... lucky dun need to take down results at that round...

Doing it a few more times for fun..

Ace looks like he going to toilet!:) wahahah..

Up next is the 400 meters run. I thought that the recent standchart run will give Ace some confidence. In the end, I saw him taking his own sweet time to run.. but leh, at least he did not stop lah.. he just like effortlessly.. BUT slowly run 400 m without stopping.. wahahaha...

I think he was one of the last few to finish the run..

Finish running still can break somemore!:)

There is also one rest station and that is his group at the rest station..

My son cannot give up any chance to yak.. and that, I think is his downfall..

Chat chat chat liao.. his sim hong hong liao.. his attention is now everywhere...

By the time for his next event, which was the hurdles, when the event started, he havent noticed or realized yet! Only started running after a few seconds... so he was last lor:) wahahaha...

He told me the night before that when he tried to do the hurdles the first time, someone laughed at him and said he was slow because he hooked his leg and tripped over the hurdle. The PE teacher scolded the person who said that and he said why this person was not punished cos the last time he had lack of sportsmanship and called someone slow, he was sent to the principle's office. I told him different teacher different standard mah...

I also explained to him that everyone who start to try something for the first time may not do it very well. For him as a kinesthetic learner, he has to learn by doing. So after he do first time liao.. he knows wat to improve and he will get better. He told me after that he is very good at it already... so I told him that is good lor..

Managed to catch him jumping over the hurdle in the second run:) Looks like he did improve!:)

The parents are all circling on the circumference of the field and you have to move to where your child is. For some unknown reason.. why Ace was in the right bottom corner of the field, his father was posing at the other diagonal end!?:P wahahahahahahahaha.. dunno he is come here to see his son or just to see see look look...

Come on, Ace Chua.. CHEONG AH!!!!!

Put so many close up photos for the sake of his FANS aka godmas and grandma:) hahahah

Next is javelin.. they throw toy one...

Okie.. I dunno how he will fare but at least will not "soo sei" cos his pose like very pro and very nice like that..

Not bad leh.. pose very nice, results also very nice. Came in first this time...

Round two and three pose still very swee:)

Ace is shocked that it landed so near him!:) wahahahha

Next station is throwing the ball into the hoop. Mr No Ball Sense is not expected to do well in this..

I am just happy to see him try his best:)

Wahahaha.. hands and legs everywhere!:) Max says when he was young, he had bad ball sense.. he trained up when he was in secondary school.. no wonder lah.. me also no ball sense also is train one... no wonder Ace also no ball sense! :) hahaha.. But Max's fren who is a PE teacher says Ace is very tall and his height will be good for certain sports.. if he gets a chance to meet a good coach to train him.. he can still do well in sports:) wow.. tat is very encouraging to hear leh :)

I guess it will be some time before he can become Guan Lan Gao Shou/ Slam Dunk:) haha..

After that comes the obstacle course...

Ace had not much problem in the first few 3 obstacles..

But he was stuck in the net for a long long time.. I think cos he didnt crawl close enough to the ground..

Looking shagged after round 1 but willing to try again:)

Resting after he is done..

I took picture of this sports team leader... because she is in charge of this station. Every time a new set of people are competing (each set is only  4 pax. There are probably 50 children in the Year 3 Year 4 sports day that day), she herself will have to go through ALL THE OBSTACLES as demo.. at the end she still energetically jump up and clap excitedly! I really salute her! hahahaha

Last station is the shot put station...

 And then they rounded off by gettting all the people who were first in the first race to race again..

Ace lost out to the much faster runners...

But I think most impt is he enjoy lor:)

Then there was a mummies race:)

And a Daddies Race which Max took part.. hahaha

The children asked for a teachers race but the PE teacher said he will surely win it and denied them of the chance to watch their teachers race.. hahahah

Prize giving! Ace belongs to SAFA house and they came in 4th...

Everyone gets a cert for completing and competing. Ace says his friend told him that everyone got a medal last year and he is a little disappointed that this time it is just a cert. But he is still happy to have completed the sports day.. and we are happy too!:)

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