Thursday, November 24, 2005

Laugh Ace Laugh

I did tell you that Ace can laugh now right? ;)

At this moment, the sound of Ace laughing is the sweetest sounding sound to me!

In the past, he would only laugh when daddy kissed him on his chin and around his neck. And then, he started to also laugh when I did the same. Other than that, he merely smiles at us.

But we have discovered two new ways to make Ace laugh. If you want to know, read on...

Have a bolster in hand
For some unknown reason, Ace loves bolsters. Use any bolster big or small to play with him and he will smile, laugh and giggle.

You can throw it at him, use it to tickle him, use it to hide your face and say "Boo!"... if he is sufficiently warmed up, he will giggle and giggle non stop!

Laugh loudly
Ace will also laugh along when you laugh very loudly at him. Whenever wai po or yeye laughs loudly at him, he will follow suit and giggle loudly.

I don't really know if it is cos he enjoys seeing people laugh or is it because he is just imititating what he sees.

But anyway, when you see Ace, do laugh aloud with him ;) I am sure both of you will enjoy it!

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Daddy Wants To Kill Ace!

Daddy wanted to kill Ace that day!

No lah.. how can daddy bear to do tat?

What happened was that over the weekend, mummy went to attend some training. As a result, Daddy was 'Home Alone' with Ace.

Saturday, Daddy was clever and he just PARKED Ace at wai po's house for the whole day. (See pic, daddy and Ace sleeping blissfully when i left the house...)

Sunday, Daddy was also lucky cos it was Nai Nai's off day and she volunteered to take care of Ace for the day. However, Nai Nai had to go and perm her hair and so Daddy had no choice but to take care of Ace for the early half of the day.

Early morning, Daddy and Ace sent mummy to suntec where she was supposed to attend her training. Then Daddy brought Ace home. Ace started to cry and daddy tried to feed him the breastmilk that mummy stored in the fridge.

But Ace wouldn't drink the milk!

Daddy knew that he missed mummy's comforting breast but there was nothing in replacement he could give him except the expressed milk.

Ace refused to take any form of replacement and started to cry and cry and cry and cry........

He wouldnt stop when daddy played music.
He wouldnt stop when daddy played with him and kissed him.
He wouldnt stop when daddy carried him.
He wouldnt stop when daddy tried to feed him milk.

He wouldnt stop no matter what daddy did!

And cry he did!

His cries were loud and piercing and there were tears running out of his eyes.... Daddy was in panic.. he didn't know what to do..

Daddy called Yeye and asked him if Nainai is back but apparently no..

"Buay sai liao.. buay sai liao.. (I can't take it anymore...)" he told Yeye.. and so yeye ask him to just bring Ace over. Two heads is better than one..

"Wah lau, I really did not know what else I can do short of offering him my breasts. I was so upset. I nearly wanted to kill him ah.." said Daddy when he recounted the events to me at night.

Hahaha... now Daddy knows how I feel when I am home alone with a grumpy Ace sometimes ;)

But I was kind of shocked by it too. When I told Daddy that i felt like those post natal blues mum after a bout of screaming or cryng from Ace, he said I shouldn't scare him... and that Ace is a good boy so I shouldn't be upset at him.

Well, I have one more training coming up over this weekend... Daddy, JIA YOU orh! Unnal mudiyam!! (You can do it!)

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Greedy Ace

I think Ace is ready for semi solids.

Whenever I eat my lunch, he will stare at me and look as if he wants it too.

I havent gotten around to buying the gruels and cereals for him yet. But meanwhile, whenever i drink soup, i will give him a little sip.

yesterday was hilarious!

I was drinking soup and because it was peanut soup, it was rather sweet and nice. I gave Ace one sip and I think he liked it.

After that, I conducted an experiment. (click to enlarge and view experiment)

I took my orange spoon and filled it with another sip of soup. I walked towards Ace and no matter where I put the spoon, his eyes would follow it. When the spoon was sufficiently close to him, he would get excited and start to wave his arms and legs.

And then he will take the whole sip and not even spill one drop!

Usually, when i feed him water.. the water will overflow all over his face... but strangely, when he had soup to drink, he never wasted a single drop!

I told Daddy about this and he said that Ace is greedy for food.. just like ME! Hahahaha...

Friday, November 18, 2005

Don’t Be Stingy!

Recently, I have been in charge of giving talks on how to make friends and also the art of “Tee- UP” (Tee Up means saying good things about someone such that other people are impressed with him and are willing to listen to him).

Both topics bring me to this very important point: PRAISE. And more importantly, praising other people.

Do you like it when people say good things about you? I do. I had a fren, Gwen, who always tells me that I am very clever and that I am very good. Little wonder that I like to be with her right?

So you like being praised by other people despite the fact that you will blush and flush whenever people praised you. But how often have you praised other people??

We, as Asians, tend to feel shy about praising other people. Sometimes it is a case of 爱你在心口难开 (love you I the heard but it is tough to say it out). I mean, have you ever told your father or mother, “YOU ARE THE BEST FATHER/MOTHER IN THE WORLD?” Hiaks, I have.. at least in writing ;)

Sometimes, it is the old Asian ego at fault. I mean.. most people feel that if we talk good about other people, it means that we are bad in comparison.

But have you ever thought of it this way? If your friends around you are all wonderful people, they are upright, friendly, positive, clever.. etc.. what will take make you? Someone similar right? If your friends around you are all skunks, thiefs and robbers, gangsters.. how would other people see you? Probably they will see you as in the same league as these ‘friends’.

So.. I guess most Asians are STINGY with praise. But praise is such a good way of making someone’s day! It is easy, and it is free!

The other day, I was talking to Melvin about another wedding that I have attended. Despite it being fun, I told him that his wedding was still the best tat I ever attended cos it make me feel like holding another wedding with Max. He told me it made his day… hiaks…

Even Ace reacts very positively to praise. As you know, Ace is in the midst of learning how to crawl. Pushing himself up is very hard work for his tiny arms. After a while, he gets tired.

The other day, he flipped himself over and as he was about to cry (because it was hard work and he was tired I think..), I praised him, “Wah! What a clever baby! That’s great Ace! You are so clever. Wah.. you are so strong ah! Wah.. you are such a clever baby!”

Immediately, he pushed his chest forward, pushed his head up high and SMILED!

And then I told him that he looked so good I have to take a picture.

By the time I found the camera and went back into the room, he was already tired again and resting.

“Hey, clever boy, come, pose for a photo!” Praise has but immense power okay! He went back into position, smiled and posed for a nice photo. See, you can even see traces of his tears in the pic!

And did I forget to mention that Ace always smiles whenever people tell him that he is:
- the best
- the greatest
- the cutest
- the healthiest
- the most handsome
- the most intelligent

ALWAYS okie!

So people, please dun be stingy with your praise lah.

Just the other day, I was talking to Jez Mama on the phone. She was sending Tashi, her daughter, to school. When Tashi alighted from the car, I heard her in the background saying, “Mummy, bye bye…”So Jez Mama said, “Bye bye, 加油orh!”And Tashi replied, “Bye Bye, Mummy, 你也要加油orh!”

Wah.. if I am Jez Mama.. I think that day no matter how tired or no matter wat challenges I have, all not important.. am sure I will overcome them all! Any sane, normal person will feel the same way, wouldn’t you?

And that brings me to another point. Don’t be stingy with encouragement lah. People always think of encouraging our peers and below. Eh, your parents, your bosses, your mentors.. all need your encouragement also leh.

So dun be stingy lah!

If you received this via email, pass the love on… hiaks!

Thursday, November 17, 2005


As Ace grows, he is starting to come up with new games.

Hands and Feet Game
Other than playing with Mummy’s hands, Ace has started palying with mummy’s feet as well. He loves to kick mummy’s feet and laugh.

Just the other day, we had a great time playing ‘you kick me and I kick you..” He loves it most when I kick the bouncer so that it rolls away from me and back again…

Grab my TOES
His other favourite game is to use his hands to grab his own toes. Since he likes to do that, I have requested that he help me during diaper changing. I only requested him to do it once and then after that, whenever he changed diapers, he would hold his toes and raise his buttocks himself. Isn’t he a clever boy?

In time to come, i suspect he will graduate to EATING his toes.. hiaks...

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If Babies Can Do It, So Can YOU!

Focus On What You Want And It Will Become Reality

Just the other day, I left Ace at my mum’s place and went for a special session with one of my mentors, Veron.

During the session, Veron shared with us something that she says she has learnt after she spent lots and lots of money, time and effort. And it is something very simple one lor. So simple that when I heard it, I was like, “Ya hor, how come I never thought of this before?”

She told us that too many people in this world do not get what they want in life because they keep focusing on what they do not want.

Eg, a person is preparing a report for her boss. It is important that she does a good job and that she will get good appraisal from her boss because of this because if she does, she will get the raise she always wanted. Instead of focusing on doing a good job, most people will worry about all the “wat if I didn’t do this? What if it is not good enough for my boss? What if my boss dun like it?” etc.. you get the idea lah..

So in the end, she will be so stressed she will not perform up to standard. And because she did not perform up to standard, she will not get the raise tat she wanted.

See, focus on what you dun want and you will get it because FOCUS EQUALS REALITY!

I mean, you will be surprised that even BABY ACE knows, understands and USES this concept okie!

My son is 4 mths old and he knows that if he focuses on what he wants, that is what he will get.

You see. The other day, I brought him to take his 4th month jab.

Afternoon is where Ace takes his naps. Afternoon time = Nap Time. By the time we were inside the room, Ace was already half asleep.

We then had to weight him.. the nurse had to go and prepare the needle, prepare this and write that. By the time she was ready, Ace was already soundly asleep.

Ace’s goal was to have his nap. So no matter how I shook him, he just did not bother to wake.

Finally, when the needle went in, he woke, cried for 3 seconds and went back to sleep.

Eh harlow.. the same injection, when it went into another 4 mth old, he was still howling away by the time the mother is seating outside and waiting for like 5 min lor…

Was it that painful?

Well, focus on the pain and yes, it is very painful lor.

Ace focus on what he wanted: his afternoon nap. And that was wat he got. He was still very peacefully asleep when I walked to the library, signed up his library membership, chose books for him, chit chatted with the librarian and walked home. Hiaks.


So the next time you catch yourself focusing on what you don’t want, remember how Ace baby got wat he wanted. If he can do it, so can you!

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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Mummy Day OFF!

Mummy had a day off that day. Courtesy of Daddy. (Daddy posing with Jez Ah Ma's two bao bei... I think he trying to simulate his dream come true of having 3 kids...)

It was a wkend and daddy volunteered to take care of Ace for a number of hours so that mummy could go for a girl’s expedition aka SHOPPING with her Jez Mama.

Well, actually Daddy volunteered because Ah Ma volunteered to take care of Ace cos it was her off day. He said he would bring Ace over to his place and he can chill out while Ah Ma and Ah Gong go gaga over Ace :)

It was the first time Mummy got to go out without Ace and for leisure. The first time in a long long long long while…

Mummy wanted to feel different. She decided then that she should dress up for this special day. After wearing frumpy looking t-shirt and jeans or just any top that she can fit in for the past 4 months, she has decided to wear something sexy.

Mummy then chose a red tube top with her black pants and wore her black heels.

While making up, Mummy felt really strange. I mean, it has been a long long while since she made up because she was going out. Usually she was just visiting someone, having tea with someone or going to office.

Today, is different! She gets to go out and enjoy!

After being Mummy first, and if got time, wife for so long.. mummy felt as if it is the first time in a long long while that she gets to be herself.

It was strange to be out on the streets without Ace or hubby actually. But after a while, one gets into the mood of things.

The initial plan was to go and use her Mothercare 15% discount voucher before it expired. However, upon reaching there, mummy realized that Mothercare is having a sale. Everything is buy 3 get 1 free.. some even 50% off lor..

So there goes the vouchers lor.

In the end, me and Jez Mama went around suntec shopping and gossiping.. and when we finally went back to mothercare, she decided to buy clothes for her daughter and her sister.. buy 3 get 1 free… in the end, she couldn’t decided what was the one free thing she wanted and she asked me to pick out an outfit for Ace!

Wah.. eternally grateful to her because honestly, the clothes at mothercare are so expensive I really cannot bear to buy because I know how fast he will outgrow them :S

We picked out a pack of 3 sleepsuits for him (office very cold sometimes so good for going to office) and we picked the set where there is an orange suit because that is daddy’s favourite colour. FYI, Ace has already outgrown the 3-6 mth ones.. so I decided to help him wear them for a longer period. I chose the 9-12 mths one. I pray hard that he can wear the orange one during Chinese new year then I dun have to buy clothes for him for new year. Hee hee

I dunno if it is cos I got to have time to be with myself and I got to be me again. When I went back home, I felt like a different person. I felt fresh and alive again. Papa seemed to have missed me a lot and kissed me a lot. I felt like I can look at Ace from a different angle and appreciate him all over again.

I always wondered why people go so gaga over Ace. When I bring him to office, he gets passed around and gets hugged and kissed by like umpteen people okay. One even told me that she misses Ace if she doesn’t see him for a few days!

But now that I got a chance to be away and come back again.. I start to realize all over again why Ace is such a cute and lovable baby. He really is very cute. Like a doll and he is such a happy baby. Even if I am not his mummy, I think I will like this baby a lot too ;)

Well, I think from now on, I shall periodically ask for time out with frens without Ace because it really feels therepeautic for the soul.

So new mummies, try it! Your son will be ok and yes, he will survive without you and happily too for a few hours.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Stunt Day

Today is Ace's STUNT DAY.

Since he woke up at 9am, he has been performing a variety of stunts.

Maybe he is practising. Maybe he is reminding me and Daddy how clever he is. Maybe he is seeking attention and applause.. i dunno ;)

When he woke up, he kept tugging at my shirt. I guessed that he wanted milk, so i fed him. And then after a long while, i wondered why he wasnt done and pulled away to sleep somemore.

He then turned himself to the side facing me and started making monkey faces at me. I just cannot help but to laugh myself awake. He looked so adorable. His recent most favourite monkey face expression is the pouty look.

Then I decided to wake up and bath him.

As the water heater was not heated, i switched it on and waited for the water to heat up. I then put Ace at his mattress where I usually change his diapers.

I walked in the check and heater and when I walked back to the mattress to check on him , he had already swivelled himself 70 degrees to the right.

I thought it was still quite safe and so I walked back to the kitchen to check the water and to drink some water. Suddenly, i heard some noises and when i came back, Ace had already flipped on his tummy.

Not only did he flip on his tummy, he had shifted himself halfway out of the mattress. His legs were on the floor and his torso was still on the mattress. It was as if it was his life mission to get out of the mattress.

When the water was ready, I brought him to the bathtub and started to bath him. As per normal, I started off with sponging his face, head and neck and brushing his teeth.

After which I put him into the water.

Less than 3 seconds into the water, he spouted his PEE FOUNTAIN and he gave stared at it, gave me a smile tat seemed to say, "Wat a beautiful fountain!" and continued to pee another 3 times.. making 3 fountains...

Before I could chide him, his face changed again...

He then started to have the 'kek sai' look and then I realized there were yellowish stuff coming out of his buttocks!

He gave another 'kek sai' look and more of them came out! Eeeeeeeek... he was shitting in water!!!

At last resort, mummy had to pull him out, stand him on his feet (He is very good at doing that now. He can do that for like 10 seconds at one time), shower him, clean his sai.. and then quickly bring him out to dress him.

When I told Daddy about it, he laughed.

Poor mummy, however was wet from head to toe as a result.

More Cute Ace Pics of Ace's Stunts

Monday, November 07, 2005

How to Measure Up?

Stressed ah!

Just the other day, I was talking to hubby about how I always knew that my baby would look quite good becuase me and max quite good looking and how I never expected that he would look THIS CUTE and become so POPULAR...

I mean, sometimes I even think it is insane and really very kua zhang.

I have friends downloading his pics as wallpaper and even their colleagues are very excited to see Ace's new pics.

I also have friends telling me that they miss Ace when they dun see him just for a few days.

I have friends who see me and the first thing they ask EVERYTIME without fail is, "Ace leh?" and then quickly proceed to carry and play with him.

Even little kids like Tashi also come and ask me "Didi leh?" and keep kissing him, playing with him and wanting to carry him everytime she sees me.

And whenever I bring him out to gatherings, he inevitably becomes centre of attraction. Eg, Kar Peng's Hen Night, Melvin and Germaine's Wedding, Mum's Party at Home..

Yeye's passenger (he is a taxi driver) even said before she alighted his taxi, "Uncle, can you show me again the pic of your grandson in your handphone! My god! I have never seen such a cute baby!"

It got to the point where people's exclamation over his cuteness and people crowding around him, showering him with love and kisses all the time is a natural thing to me. I would get very surprised if people looked at him and show no signs of being swept off their feet by him.

And that brings me to the next point. How to measure up when I have the next child?

What if Ace got used to all this star treatment and then when the next one comes along and looks better than he does? Will he resent it or be jealous? Will he not be on good terms with his siblings becuase of this?


What if my next kid looks like his face just kanna rammed by a car? Isn't that even worse? How will he/she ever measure up to the da ge of theirs?

I asked my mum about this and she says that all children are cute. My friends are mostly childless or their children have mostly grown up, that is why they are happy to see, carry and play with Ace.

"Popo always go and care for and love other children. (She is childcare teacher mah) That is why other people will naturally shower love and care for my grandson.." she says.

Heh, maybe I am thinking too much :)

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Ace Is More Popular Than Andy Lau!

Hiyo, I am soooooooooooo honoured!

Despite the fact that I married and a MOTHER OF ONE, I was asked to be a JIE MEI at my friend, Germaine's wedding.

It was rather fun and it has been a long while since I had to wake up this early. Hiaks... (so tired that i just slept and slept today.. hahhaha.. really lao liao manz:P)

Anywayz, it was an absolutely beautiful and stunning wedding. Hai.. I always so moved when I attend weddings and especially when they are very beautiful and wonderful.. reminds me of my own wedding leh.. feel like going through the whole ceremony with max again man ;)

Their photo album is so mei mei! I also feel like taking my wedding photos again.. and this time with Ace.. hiaks.. now I understand why Jez Ah Ma says she never take wedding pics becuase she will forever be looking out for better pics after tat ;)

So touched also when I saw me and max's photo with bride and groom in their special Video ;)

When night time came, I strangely found my son to be the Star Attraction at the wedding!

I had not wanted to bring Ace along but the bride kept saying that she wanted to take a picture with Ace that day and so I brought him along with me.

Me and hubby reached there early cos he was the 'brothers' at the wedding and since I was a 'sister', I had to help out with the reception.

Since it was early and not many people around, the photog kept taking pictures of Ace.

And then when our friends started arriving, Ace started to go around. They carried him around and after about 30 min or so, even I lost track of where my son was! His pram became a trolley for his bag and barang since he had no time to even sit in it.

When the dinner started, my son did a tour around the tables... going from hand to hand and table to table.

It started with people clamouring to carry my son... then they wanted to play with him.. after that, they even wanted to take picture with him.

Let's see... Sebest, Joo Ing, Grace, Emmerline, Tashi, Evon, Jez, Richie, Sharon, Rebecca, Zhenyuan, Passion, Elida... There were at least 10 uncles and aunties (friends of me and max) who clamoured to take photo with him or carry okie!!!

I tot that would be the end of it.

Little did we know that the photog actually decided to put the pictures he took earlier up for viewing. Even I must say my son really look very cute. I told lam (the photog) that if he ever needs baby model, come to me.. cheap cheap friendship price.. hahaha ;) I hope he gives the photos to melvin and germaine without extra charges... then i can show you all..

Lam, I promise to put your contact in my blog and let everyone see if you give me my son's photos.. hahahaha ;)

Anyway, after viewing the photos, the bride's uncle came to my hubby and said he wanted to borrow my son. Max asked him to not kidnap our son and he said, "I promise to do that if you can give birth to another one as cute as him and sell to me lah.."

Chey! My son priceless okay... You think want to give birth just give birth like that meh?:) But of cos I know he was only joking lah...

In the end, Ace did a tour around the bride's relatives' tables too! Heng ah! Melvin's (groom) sis just gave birth and they have their own baby to play with.

My godma said to me, "Wah, your son even more popular than Andy Lau ah!"

By the end of the day, Ace was a mix of many different smells of perfume and had glittery powder all over his face and his botak head.

Next week I am going to another wedding. I have decided NOT to bring Ace. I think that "exposure" yesterday was more than enough to last him a long time. I dun want him to get used to this STAR TREATMENT :) If like that, next time when I am alone with him, I die..

Anywayz, I think if this happens again, I am going to start charging so that Ace has a HUGE education fund...
- $5 to carry him for 2 min
- $15 to carry for 10 min (packaged price)
- $20 per picture taken of him
- $25 per picture taken WITH him
- $35 to bottle feed him

What do you think? ;) hahahhaha...

Thursday, November 03, 2005

What Women Want

In bid to let Ace understand at the tender age of 4 months, what women really want… Daddy has decided to dress Ace up as a woman.

He used the tiny puppy soft toy we bought in HK as breasts…

But I think Ace was not very happy as you can tell from the picture. After all, he is a VERY BOYISH BABY… people dun need to doubt.. one look can tell he is a boy.

But he doesn’t mind though when mummy dress him in clothes that are a little girlish.. ;)

Hiaks, maybe he likes me better.. hahahaa…

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Botak Ace


I can't decide if Ace looks more like an egghead or a monk... cos daddy just shaved Ace's head TODAY! :)

Well, we had initially wanted to do this when he was one mth old as with the Chinese custom. I mean.. Ace didnt have much hair and we thought shaving will help him to grow thicker hair. But his scalp looked soooooooooo fragile.. so we decided to postpone to the 4th month.

And then when he was 4 months old, we decided that we didnt want to shave his head afterall because it seems dangerous to do that still.

Then for some unknown reason.. Daddy woke up today and decided to do it and WE DID IT!

Daddy very steady lor.. completed it within i think 15 min ;) Hehehehe... I guess his lots of practise with his own head helped.

I would have liked to take pics of the whole process but alas I was needed to hold his head still... so here are some before and after pics for your viewing pleasure... (click to enlarge)

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Ace Can Laugh!

Yeah... Ace can laugh liao!

Today was a good Ace day. Ace took a very very long nap in the afternoon and we went to attend Kar Peng's Hen Night dinner.

As usual, he was the centre of attention. All the AUNTIES (cept Linda who insisted that she is jie jie) carried him around and played with him.

He was in a really good mood and kept smiling at everyone. It made Linda's day cos Ace smiled at her and then having read my blog about Ace smiling at 美女, she asked him, "我是美女对吗?" And he smiled at her in affirmation. She asked him a few times and he kept smiling.

He was in such a good mood he even smiled at GH! Hahahaha... but alas when GH asked the "
我是美女对吗?" question, he turned away with a sian face.. hahahahaha...

On the way home, Ace slept somemore in the car. Upon reaching home, he started to be really active again.

Then Max played with him by kissing him on his neck and shoulders.. and he laughed!

I only heard him laugh once in his sleep and I never heard it again for about a month or so liao.

Today, he laughed and he did it again and again and again..

Such a cute giggle!!!

I ran to my PC to blog about this special day... and I proudly boasted to Linda about it over MSN..

Angel says: hm liao? ;)

Linda says: yeah

Angel: says: hee.. tell you something.. ace can laugh liao... max was just playing with him and he made giggling sound! ;)

Linda says: just oni? haha,thanks 2 me! i primed him jus now leh...

Angel says:yeah..last time he onli smile.. i onli heard him luff once in his sleep.. and then it never happened again for a long time

Angel says: is it??????????????? :P

Linda says: it is...................................

Angel says: ok lah.. let you win... but he luff really veri cute lor... hiyo i so mesmerized.. think we all no need to sleep tonite.. i could go on listening to him luff forever man...

Linda says: :)

I really could lor... ;) Listening to him, all my troubles and my worries and tiredness all gone.. just like tat!

Dun talk to you all liao..i go back and listen to my kia laugh :) hee hee...